Saturday, August 27, 2005

Edmonton, I miss thee

Old Strathcona Hotel and Bar
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Okay, winter holidays are still about 4 months away but tonight I'm thinking about Edmonton. So here are the things I miss about Edmonton in no particular order to keep those named herein appeased:
  • Sitting at a cafe on Whyte Avenue on a hot sunny afternoon, drinking coffee, reading the paper and watching skirts as they saunter by
  • Stinky cheese!!!!
  • Hungarian salami
  • Dill-Cheddar bagels
  • Hanging with all my great friends and family
  • Grasshopper and other fine beers by the Traditional Brewing Company
  • Pool at the Old Strathcona
  • Dense German Rye bread
  • Coffee (not that dirty water they serve you here)
  • A good Newspaper without all that crazy Hanguel all over it
  • Fresh Oysters in the shell just waiting to be shucked (funny I should be able to find those here, but alas so far no go. Oysters aplenty but no joy with the knife they come in a bag for gosh sakes)
  • small quantities of garlic that aren't already peeled (you've got to buy so much here that 80 percent goes bad before you get a chance to use it)
  • Cleavage. The small breasted women of this land are also extremely chosey about who they allow to admire their lumpy bits.
  • Lumpy sweaters. Okay maybe it doesn't sound so great but I just mean the pleasantly lumpy sort that you often see in the fall and winter walking amongst the streets and cafes of Edmonton. Cleavage is one thing but decent lumps are quite another.
  • Magazines, magazines, investment newsletters and local rags
  • to be continued

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