Saturday, August 06, 2005

Boracay, Philippines was awesome.

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Meet my new girlfriend Rosalinda in my favourite bar in Boracay -- Cocomangas!

Boracay was warm and sunny -- most of the time. The beaches were so beautiful and the people were so friendly. I stayed in a place called Paradise Bay which was quite comfortable with a restaurant and best of all, a cool pool for relaxed cooling swims. It was so hot that I was always sweating and this is the winter time there. Wow, I plan to go again in January but that will be summer time. I'll probably melt away to nothing in the heat of the summer.

Here are some pictures from Boracay: all the pictures I took, my new friends, some aerial shots, the butterfly garden and some of the locals on the street.

Rosi, click here to see a picture of my good friend Russell who will be having a baby in December. Russell is the one in the middle my other good friend Gary is beside him. Unfortunately I don't have a picture of Russell's girlfriend.

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