Thursday, June 02, 2005

When you can't choose your rommates!

This pic is from my housewarming at LG apartment in Suji, Yong-In, South Korea. You can only see two of my roommates here. We now have three roommates: A New Zealander (from "all over"), a Canadian from Saskatchewan (Prince Albert), an American (Pittsburgh) and myself (another Canadian from Edmonton). The New Zealander and I have been roommies for a long time, and we get along famously because of similar sensibilities. We have similar ideas of privacy as well as ideas about politeness that all the new roommies seem to have lacked. For such a short time living in Korea I've had quite a list of scary roomies already. Next year I'll find another hagwon that offers single accomodation. I don't care if the room is tiny, at least I won't have to put up with a long list of less than dreamy roommies, such as:
Smelly "Hey, something reeks! Is that you?" Smelly says, "I shit my pants at the PC-Bang I'm so embarrassed" (Why must you puke, soil yourself and then knock on my door at midnight to tell me all about it?)
Noisy Laundry at midnight on a school-night.
Merry Why do you have to sing, ALL of the time?"
Hairy "Did somebody bring a cat into the washroom and hose it down?" (no it wasn't a cat!)
The Hog One tiny fridge to share amongst 4 adults, but one of them has to buy 8 liters of milk at E-mart every week.
The child The terrible twos (I have nothing against kids but some of them really like scratching computer screens and using cds as frisbees!).
Messy Making toast? Bread crumbs everywhere. Making soup? Every dish in the house is now dirty but he must wait 24 hours to wash them.

Anybody else have a dwarf they want to add to my list?

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