Saturday, June 18, 2005

The far side of the Ganges.

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Some comments on the flickr page of this photo were asking about the details of this particular photo:

In fact it was like walking along a desert wasteland. So coming across a skull was not a big surprise at all. I was expecting to see a skull or some other human remains especially since the Lonely Planet guide book had indicated that it's not uncommon to see a dead body while touring the Ganges in this area of India. This skull was found downstream and opposite one of the main funeral ghats, so I wouldn't be surprised if there were a few skulls lurking about.

From what I've heard the family of the passed-away loved one must pay for the wood upon which the body is floated and subsequently burned. If they can't afford enough wood then chances are the body won't be completely incinerated.

A human skull and other images from my trip to Varanasi, Delhi, Boudha and Thamel are finally available on the net. Choose the slideshow option for a great show.

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