Monday, September 06, 2004

An Old Fashioned Razor Blade Shave

I've been having mixed success with many of my projects recently. For example, the free server that I just put my website on doesn't seem able to handle the forms and other technical do-hickies that I want to use (even though they say it is fully equipped to handle them). But on the other hand my experiences in the classroom have been going without a hitch. Classes today where awesome, we made so many personal connections of fun and friendship. My students and I are really learning from each other and having heaps of fun (a kiwi word I know but I like it)! Deep down I am really a technophobe, a Luddite. This would probably surprise most of my friends and colleagues since I certainly know how to utilize technology, but I'm not always happy with its limitations and the things you have to give up when you really need to get it working right –sleep, serenity and sanity! So here is an illustration of my phobia of technology. This is what your hair looks like when you use a regular razor and . . . (see previous post).

Picture courtesy of Queensland University's Nanoworld website. From their image database of Microscopy & Microanalysis.
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