Sunday, September 26, 2004

A map of Suji, Yong-in and Juk-Jeon.

Click on the Suji map to get a larger view. Coming soon . . . Close- ups of the area around the two WaBars (the Western Ice Bar where so many foreign and native Suji-ans hang out), Carrefour (the French department store), Suji McDonald's (central Suji) and Juk-Jeon (a fast growing hotbed of foreigners in YongIn or Yong-In).

I am a great cartophile, I love maps more than most things. I love them more than butter on toast, more than reading a good book and oft times more than actually going there -- wherever there may be. So, I'm extremely glad that I've finally come across a half-way decent map of the area I'm living in. Too bad I can't get it on paper!
The map, that I modified, was provided courtesy of the people of Congnamul at: Unfortunately they don't have an English language interface, nor do they have an English language map.
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  1. Looks good, Sean. Unfortunately that's actually a map of Camrose with the directions to the John Deere dealer printed in Korean.



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