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How to Burn a DVD

Updated April 8th, 2006
The first thing you need to do is find and download some good software. DVD Shrink 2.3 is straightforward to use and free! Also, DVD Shrink will make the movie you want to burn small enough so that it will actually fit on a blank DVD disk (DVD -R).

Click on this link to download it: DVD Shrink 2.3 download. If this link doesn't work then you'll have to do a search on the net for it as the links seem to change quite alot.

The second thing you could do is download another program that will actually burn the files that DVD Shrink creates onto a DVD disk. Recently, DVD Shrink was modified so you can skip this step as it now allows you to burn to disc, but I find that ImgTool Burn works very well if you want to make things more complex, but you need to have Nero installed on your computer!

Look at the version of Nero you have, by opening Nero and selecting 'Help' then 'About'. Use this link to download ImgTool that corresponds to the version of Nero that you have on your computer:

Buning the DVD
After installing DVD Shrink you can get started by putting the DVD movie disc into your DVD drive. It might be a good idea to make sure the DVD works properly before burning it, so watch a few minutes of it skipping ahead to some of the later chapters if you don't want to watch the whole thing. Then, close your DVD viewing software and open DVD Shrink.

Usually this involves clicking on 'Start' then 'All Programs' and then finding Dvd Shrink in you list of programs.

Click "Open Disk" at the top right of your screen and DVD Shrink will start analyzing the DVD for you. This should take about 5 to 10 minutes.

Now click the "Re-author" button. And in the bottom right corner of your screen you will see "Title 1, Title 2, etc.".

Click on the largest title (or usually "Title 1" and drag it into the top left corner of your screen.

If the green status bar at the top right of your screen has no red in it you are in the clear, just click on the "Backup" button. But first consider dragging some more of the titles up to be re-authored. They might be scenes of "The making of . . ." or interviews that you might enjoy. The preview screen to the left of these titles will allow you to see what you are adding or missing.

If the status bar runs into red you need to compress your titles by clicking on the compression level radio buttons. The less compression the better so get the bar to solid green but go no further.

Then click the "Backup" button. A window will popup asking for the "target folder" type in C:\TEMPTATI or C:\"what it says in the 'Provider ID' box at the bottom". For example if the "Provider ID:" is 'SNATCH', then type in C:\SNATCH for the target folder. I usually save my backup files to my D:\ drive because I have about 5 Gigabytes of extra space on that drive.

Then click "OK" and let the software do it's thing. It should take about 50 minutes or so to backup and compress (if you needed to chose compress) the DVD file.

I really don't need to burn Dvds here as Korean videos are so very cheap. But if you make a request I can add more info to this post.

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