Tuesday, September 28, 2004

"Free web hosting with no ads", "Hurricane Jeanne" OR "Frontpage" is really pissing me off!

All of my carefully laid plans for this Korean Chuseok (Thanksgiving) long weekend have been derailed by sources . . . undetermined. I've been using Google's Blogger for a while now (4 weeks) getting frustrated because it's all canned templates.
If what I want to do with my page does not fit into their cookie cutter mode (to mix metaphors) then I have to spend valuable time getting around these products of mass-blogging. Or, I could just make my own website. But I hate messy banner ads and I absolutely despise popup ad windows!
So, I've been exploring free servers that don't have ads but support frontpage with limited success. 100Webspace.com looked good at the start of my latest attempt at free webhosting. However, they said they supported Frontpage publishing.
Well, from my first 2 weeks with them, they must have a very odd idea of what 'supported' means as I've spent hours going through every possible scenario to get the bloody thing to publish. Then finally, inexplicably it did -- it published beautifully. A couple of days later when I tried to make some modifications it did not work -- AGAIN! Now I cannot even call up the server. They say it is Hurricane Jeanne but I think they are just trying to drive me away. I've found a lovely little money back guaranteed deal for only $5 USD a month with Quontic.com.

My only problem is that I am cheap, stinky-cheap, dirty-cheap, nasty-cheap, ask my dead.. . uh . . ., ex-wife-cheap. I don't want to pay for something I can get for free. On the other hand I really hate it when I have to wait to publish my newest webpage idea. Should I wait another week to see if my host can resolve the Frontpage publishing problem or scrape together a few extra bucks a month?  Posted by Hello

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