Tuesday, September 28, 2004

All That Jazz: the only Live Jazz club, that I know of, in Seoul.

I asked them for a website address, but I guess they don't have one. I asked for a calendar of events and the female bartender started writing the following on a piece of paper for me:
All That Jazz Night club
Monday 2004.9.27: Im Dal Kyoon Quintet
Tuesday: Yang Joon Ho Trio
Wednesday: J.C & Friends (V:male)
Thursday: Korean Jazz Band
Friday: Lee Jeong A Duo wave CV: cha Eur Joo
Saturday: Taste of Jazz (V: Male) Kim Chang Hyun Trio
Sunday: Lee & Osamu Jung Smig Jo Quintet.

The bar is in Itaewan, Seoul. Getting off at the Itaewan subway stop, cross to the side of the street that the Hamilton Shopping Centre and the Hamilton Hotel are on. Walk downhill (same direction that the exit brings you out of the station) until you find the sign in the picture above. It isn't a very long walk, maybe 5 minutes if you're a stroller. On the way you'll see Seoul Pub (nice hangout: drink, shoot pool-- both at the same time) and another Jazz bar on the other side of the street but neither of these host live bands. Posted by Hello

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