Sunday, August 29, 2004

A Butterfly Egg

A butterfly egg picture. This is just about all I will have time to eat for breakfast once I finish the projects I started on my computer this weekend! Too much extra time on my hands I guess. But it has been meditative work. And that's just what I need right now, what with trying to sort out why all the women I connect with prove to be so incompatible as a girlfriend/wife. I'm sure Canadian advisors would assert that I'm in too much of a rush I shouldn't even be thinking about a wife. But Koreans all seem to be in a big hurry to marry by the time they are 27 to 30 years old. And I've only just barely avoided those embarrasing questions: "Why aren't you married?" Now, I guess I'll be hearing the question "Why don't you have a girlfriend?" too! Oh well, being single frees up valuable time for finding cool stuff like this egg and finding new resources for my classes -- starting in just a little over an hour and a half! Whoops, better burn that CD for kindy now and fry up my egg. Or maybe eat it raw?

Picture of a butterfly egg courtesy of Queensland University's Nanoworld website. From their image database by Hello

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